Due to our imminent reopening, we present the protocol to be followed by our center and our clients whose purpose is to guarantee the safety of our clients and minimize the risks of contagion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID19) in the provision of our services.

    For this we will assume the guidelines and recommendations indicated by the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality) in collaboration with the committee of technicians of ANETA (Association of Active Tourism companies) and those of the protocol carried out independently by the ACBRM (Association of diving centers of the Community of Murcia), association to which we belong with number CBR-, where the appropriate guidelines are set for continue in a dive center.

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    If you have any symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.) that could be associated with COVID-19, you should not go diving. Contact the COVID-19 hotline in your area or your primary care center and follow their instructions.

    If you have been in close contact or shared space without keeping the distance to a person affected by COVID-19, you should not go diving either.

Hygiene measures

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  • We will guarantee adequate ventilation of the premises naturally.
  • Between dives, thanks to our extraction / ventilation system, we will renew the air in the dive center.
  • We will have places to clean our hands with hydroalcoholic solution, even on our boats.
  • We will have trash cans with a pedal-operated lid.
  • We will reinforce cleaning with disinfectant products with bactericidal and virucidal properties, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, in all rooms of the diving center or boats, with special emphasis on surfaces commonly used by employees or customers, paying even more attention to changing rooms and bathrooms if used.

* The changing rooms and bathrooms can be used as long as the current regulations allow it.

    For tasks where there may be contact with possible contaminated materials, Amigos del Azul employees will wear the appropriate protective equipment.

    Due to security regulations, any customer access to the compressor room is prohibited, as indicated by the security regulations of the authorized diving centers in the Region of Murcia.


     The capacity inside the diving center and the boats will be reduced or expanded according to the recommendations established by the competent authorities at all times.

     All the theoretical classes that can be transferred abroad will be held on our outdoor terrace, applying at all times the interpersonal distance recommended by the Ministry of Health.

    If this is not possible, the capacity of our classroom will be reduced to a maximum of six students in order to respect interpersonal distance.

    For greater security, we recommend teaching with digital media.

    In order to minimize the risk of admitting to the establishment a client who may have the COVID-19, in case of reasonable suspicion, entry may be denied to that person and their possible companions (natural group).

    Access to the diving center will only be allowed to clients who are going to carry out the activity, and not to their possible companions, in order to minimize the number of people inside the establishment.

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Customer reception

    All clients have to book in advance any activity, be it dives, courses, baptisms and bottle loading, until the regulations say otherwise.

    Prior to the completion of the reservation, we will send all our clients the following documents:

      – “Document of conformity”: where our “Protocol of Prevention and good practices COVID19” will be reflected, in which all those aspects and requirements to be taken into account for the safe conduct of activities in the diving center will be understood. This document will also be available in our facilities as an informative poster.

     – “Responsible declaration document”: in which it will be indicated that there are no symptoms compatible with COVID-19 or that the disease has passed and the quarantine period has passed.

     –The qualifications, medical certificates and any other documentationrequired for the dives or diving courses, which will be tried to send previously to the diving center in digital format.

    Payments are recommended to be made by bank transfer or credit card.

    Explanations and briefings will be made in open spaces (terrace of the diving center or beach) that allow interpersonal distance. Each client must manipulate his own diving equipment (assembly, configuration and disassembly), either owned or for rent.

    The center staff, taking the necessary precautions, will deliver the bottles and rental equipment to the clients.

    No customer may take bottles or equipment by their own decision, only the equipment that is their property.

    Our company will determine the protocol of action with customers who do not meet the required prevention and hygiene-sanitary standards.

Utilización de duchas, aseos y vestuarios

    Depending on the capacity allowed, a maximum number of people per locker room will be established, although the use of open spaces for changing will be encouraged.

    Showers can be used, although we highly recommend that customers shower in their own accommodation, with the aim of reducing their use to the minimum necessary.

    If the client uses the changing room to change, all their belongings must be kept in a bag of their own.

    Racks for hanging clothes, towels, etc. will not be available.

    The changing rooms and restrooms will be disinfected after each use, considering each dive / exit / shift as a “cycle”, although we recommend that they be used as little as possible until this situation returns to normal.

The changing rooms and bathrooms can be used as long as the regulations in force at that time allow it.

Rental equipment

     Rental equipment and diving bottles will be delivered by the staff of the diving center.

    No client will freely take any equipment.

    The rinsing, cleaning and disinfection of the rental equipment will be carried out exclusively by the staff of the diving center and will be applied to each part of the equipment, paying special attention to the mask, second stages of the regulator, oral inflator, windpipe and bladder of the jacket.

    The rent regulators will be delivered duly disinfected, like the rest of the equipment.

Optionally, each client can bring their own mouthpiece or buy a new one at the dive center, so that at the end of the dive they can take it for use on future occasions.

    The disinfection in general of the equipment will be done with a 1% aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), with application times ≥ 15 minutes in total immersion, thus achieving that the solution reaches all corners and parts of the equipment . For regulators a specific virucidal product will be used.

    The rental equipment, once disinfected, will be placed in racks marked with green labels, separated from the rest of the personal equipment.

    Private diving equipment may be hung on separate racks and can only be rinsed with a hose, completely disappearing typical rinse stacks.

    For the moment and until the current situation changes, for security reasons, private equipment cannot be left at the dive center overnight.

Transport to the boat and dive points

    Transfers from the dive center to the boats or the beach, in the case of dives in this place, will be carried out in a vehicle from the center, maintaining safety distances or equipping clients with a mask and gloves.

    In the transfer by boat to the point of immersion, an attempt will be made to keep the interpersonal distance, if this is not possible and following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the risk must be minimized by applying personal protection measures, using a mask, face shield and gloves.

    Diving gloves may be used as a protection element, and must be worn throughout the journey. After each dive trip, and once all its occupants have disembarked, all the elements of the ship that may come into contact (ladder, arch, railings, handrails, bottle rack bars) will be cleaned with a disinfectant product with bactericidal and virucidal properties, and suitable for the surfaces to be treated.

   What is not necessary to carry out the activity will not be shipped, in order to avoid more elements with possible contamination on board.

   Each diver may carry, under his responsibility, his own bottle of water for individual use.

   This prevention protocol could change based on new indications from Health, the Spanish Government or the European Economic Community.